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Abbie's Research

STEAMtank began as Abigail Peter's Senior year Barrett Honors

College thesis. She graduated in Spring 2020 with a degree in

Innovation and Venture Development. 


Abbie wanted to create an ever-evolving STEAM museum that

created “an interactive environment that fosters curiosity and

creativity“. She wanted the space to be founded on accessibility,

equality, and inclusivity. 


With the help of her thesis advisor Dr. Daniel McCarville, Abbie

was able to move forward with her plans to create a creative space

for children to learn about STEAM through modern technique of

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics


Abigail Peters spent time researching how children learn and what the best method to engage all ages is. She discovered that tactile learning and creativity are important for a young mind to learn. 


Abbie traveled to the East Coast to research children’s museums. Focusing on the design and educational elements she found that the most popular areas among children were spaces that allowed for free creativity. Most importantly she discovered the importance of asking children questions to expand curiosity and provide learning opportunities. 

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