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Come Visit STEAMtank

Join us for a 1-hour session in our ‘STEAMtank’ learning gallery, located on the surface of Mars (AKA Room 101, Novus Building 777) and lets your learners run wild. In this 1 hour session they will imagine what animals on Mars may have looked like, explore a giant model of the red planet, and more.


Arizona State University is focused on helping you inspire your learners with the possibilities of STEM and STEAM education.


STEAMTank offers an extraordinary opportunity to immerse your learners in an educational environment that will be the launchpad for their future success – global educational leader Arizona State University’s Tempe campus. We have developed technology to watch the birth of stars, create water out of thin air, and are doing to research get your 2030 phone plan ready with a ‘6G’ phone – and now we are helping create the next young innovators of tomorrow!

Why STEAMtank?

Please Fill out prior to attending STEAMtank

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