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About Us

The idea of STEAMtank has been in development since 2019. Abbie Peters developed the idea to create a STEAM museum for children for her Senior thesis for the Barrett Honors College. ASU students have come together to design an interactive learning experience specifically for children grades 2nd through 8th. We have students who are majoring in a variety of subjects throughout the ASU Tempe campus. 


ASU's STEAMtank is an interactive STEAM Museum for children in 2nd through 8th grade. STEAMtank has been designed by ASU students with educating young learners in mind. STEAMtank has taken the separate elements of STEAM and combined them into one cohesive children's museum. STEAMtank is focused on creating exhibits that harness the idea of new frontiers. The current theme of STEAMtank is Mars exploration and is presented in conjunction with an interactive field journal. STEAMtank works with our sponsor and partners to bring ASU research to a young audience.


STEAMtank aims to create a diverse and compelling experience to immerse and inspire learners in STEAM education. We hope to create an environment for curiosity and creativity. Give individuals a lens to investigate past, current, and future endeavors of ASU by providing a one-of-a-kind space for exploration into new frontiers ​

STEAMtank uses ASU resources to provide a STEAM museum for K-8 children. Children will learn through interactive exhibits and activities. Providing a space for children to learn about STEAM is the vision Abigal Peters began with during her senior year of undergrad at ASU. 

ASU's Innovation Space allows students to take part in real-world projects. Including both undergrad and graduate students, ASU's Innovation space provides hands-on learning.

In conjunction with ASU faculty and staff Innovation space allows students from the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, the W. P. Carey School of Business, and the Global Institute of Sustainability and Innovation.


IVD 598: Creating a STEAM museum,

was available to accept applications for students to join. The

capstone course instructed by Dr. Cheryl Heller and

Dr. Joeseph Juarez was structured around Abigail Peter's

STEAM museum vision.

Fall 2020: Students created concepts for the museum and

exhibits as well as preliminary operational work for the


Spring 2021: Students created concepts into reality. The students began thinking about themes and core ideas they wanted the museum to convey. The Exhibit teams creating three separate exhibits within the museum; each centering around the concept of Mars exploration.

Fall 2021: Students will be able to continue past students'

work and help the museum evolve within the theme of STEAM. 

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