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 STEAMTank is back again to help the next generation of leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math to grow their curiosity and experience the fun of learning. 

Our interactive science museum designed for young hands and minds is now here on ASU’s Tempe campus, where students will have the chance to learn core STEAM concepts while in the STEAMTank


With Thanks

STEAMtank is a learning gallery created by the students of InnovationSpace. 


We are deeply grateful to the Caris Foundation for supporting this opportunity to engage young people in science and technology. 

Thanks to Dr. Dan McCarville for imagining and supporting

STEAMtank, to Abbie Peters for her thesis on the topic and

her leadership in making it happen. 


Faculty: Cheryl Heller, Thomas Hollmann, Joseph Juarez 


Project Managers: Abbie Peters, Jared Sanowski, Adam Shipitofsky 



Ann Agbaneje, Abdulaziz Alazemi, Abdullah saif Alalawi, Shahad Albannai, Nouf Almarwan, Cody Bannon, Leonardo Jaraba Bejarano, Mirnes Bektas,  Elizabeth Berry, Christy Caldwell, Cela Cannon, Christopher Carpentier Chaitanya Chintakayala, Basil Clawson, Annie Hall, Olivia Noel Hernandez, Jonathan Hoke, Rachel Maria Huffaker, Christina Jensen, Jatin Kapur, Vanessa Ihrke, Ayushman Mathur, Mauricio Muller, Lacey Nixon, Alexander Nyunt, Andres Olper, Marlene Ortega, Yoganand Pathrikar, Matthew Plant, Claudia Garcia Quinones, Makayla Ragnone, Prajakta Shashikant Rampure, Nijhere Randolph, Dinesh Rathore, Connor Ross, Miguel Rubio, Matthew H Soson, Dylan Thayer, Quang Tran, Ban-Mai Vo  


InnovationSpace is a partnership between the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, the W. P. Carey School of Business and the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. 


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